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Project Description
This project provides a no-(additional)-touch deployment option for installing home grown WebServices to your SharePoint farm.

If you've ever tried to provision a new webservice to Windows SharePoint Services v3 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, (or read that long article in the SDK) you know that it's not as easy as adding a few notes to the solution manifest. You must provision the files, run disco.exe, rename all the files created, move them into other folders in the 12 hive, rewrite the content within them and add elements to the spdisco.aspx file. And if you're in a load balanced environment... well, you get my drift.

Check the readme and changelogs for more information.

Included in the solution are 2 additional projects.
An NUnit test project.
A Sample deployment package with a "Hello World" web service.

Please refer to both of these projects as informal documentation on how to use the main class: LLG.SharePoint.Services.SPWebServiceDeployer

Also, the test suite is written using NUnit. But I'm sure it would translate to pretty much anything you're using.

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